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so we’ve been playing trauma center second opinion and this ~intense music~ was playing so i decided to throw it in the wubmachine mostly because of that picture of derek


suplup asked
I thought Homura did nothing wrong


to stop Madoka from finding a Kaname Brand Poppin Popcorn suit and become popcorn again. She is so tired. Madoka’s laughs fill the house as she climbs into the oven, all dolled-up in her corn suit. Popping noises overpower Madoka’s laughter, and butter begins to pour through the faucets. Homura lays down on the floor in defeat. She cannot stop Madoka from becoming an ear of Kaname Brand Poppin Corn. Nothing can. Homura soon drowns in the butter, which not only poured through the faucets, but seeped through the walls as well. The house floods. The street floods. Soon, the whole world is flooded with boiling butter and popcorn. The earth is renamed to Kaname Brand Poppin Popcorn Orb. Madoka has won.

What the fuck?